Earlston Parish Church

  • Earlston Parish Church
  • Earlston
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Sunday's order of service is generally available here by 6:00pm on the day before. If you click here you'll find the one for Sunday 27 May 2018.


We worship at 10:15 every Sunday morning, including regular all-ages worship. Bible study and prayer groups meet on Sunday evenings and Tuesday mornings (for confirmed dates and times see 'Church Diary' tab under 'Events').  

We also hold a service on the first Tuesday of every month in Hanover Close Lounge at 3:00 pm for those who may find it difficult to get up to the church. 

There are three full Communion Services each year; and in addition we hold a shorter, more intimate Communion in the prayer chapel after the morning service on the third Sunday of the month (July and December excepted). 

Regular Communions are also offered in the Hanover Lounge, and the Minister is always delighted to celebrate home Communion. 

There are also occasional midweek services -- click on Diary of Services tabs for information.

Children are integral to morning worship. They sit with their parents at the start of the service, listen to their own message from the minister, and then go to the vestry or a dedicated children’s space for their Sunday School activities (we call it Space2Share). They return as the offering is received.

Altar fall created by Sheila Turnbull

This Pulpit Fall was created and dedicated to our church by Sheila Turnbull shortly before her death in 2012


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