Earlston Parish Church

  • Earlston Parish Church
  • Earlston
  • Berwickshire
  • TD4 6DE


The congregation of Earlston Parish Church is generous in its charitable giving outwith the church, so we restrict the charities that we support.

Our parish is one of the most generous in the Presbytery, both per capita and absolutely. This is because of a dedicated group of collectors who steadfastly knock on doors during the fund-raising period.

As the photograph shows, we collect a large number every year.

One of the projects of our Stewardship campaign was to identify an overseas congregation with whom to twin; This is now progressing, we have visited and been visited by Rev Rola Sleiman of Tripoli Presbyterian Church in Lebanon. In August 2018 we will be visited by two young adults from the church in Lebanon, and we hope that in the late spring of 2019 a small group from Earlston will visit Tripoli when our formal Twinning Agreement will be come one step closer.


Guardian of the Shoeboxes

Scottish Charity SC003895