Earlston Parish Church

  • Earlston Parish Church
  • Earlston
  • Berwickshire
  • TD4 6DE


The origins of our Earlston Parish Church are uncertain. However, a church has been recorded on this site since the 12thC, and the records tell us that there have been at least five buildings here.

The charter founding Melrose Abbey was signed in Earlston by King David in 1136; and in the 13thC the stronghold of the Earl of March and Dunbar lay a hundred yards away at East Green; so it’s likely that Earlston’s church was a fairly prominent one.

Inside the vestibule there's a twelfth-century cross, probably taken from a tombstone: but its origin is a mystery.

On the eastern wall of the church is a stone commemorating Thomas Learmonth the Rhymer (late 13thC), whose family dwelt in Rhymer’s Tower.  This stone was re-cut and transferred to a previous church building in 1736, and then again for the last time in 1892 when the present one was built.

Today it’s a thriving centre of the community. As well as celebrating popular civic events its congregation is well represented in the sixty-odd village clubs and associations; and its Stewardship campaign (see separate pages) aims to make these links even deeper.


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